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Web hosting for
your Jekyll site

The first thing you'll want to do with your new site? Publish it! Good news: here are two FREE solutions that work great with Jekyll and allow you to set up a custom domain name.

They both automatically compile your code into the final static site, meaning you don't need to manually do this before uploading – just commit changes to your repository and your site will be updated.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages has been the go-to web host for Jekyll sites as it is totally free, and easy to integrate with your existing code repository.

Note that only a limited range of plugins are supported by default, though there is a way around this. Here's a thorough setup guide you can follow to get started.



Netlify have a great reputation in the Jamstack space and have a free plan for basic sites, as well as offering more advanced features in their paid plans.

They also support any Jekyll plugin, so you can build more advanced sites. Here's a guide on getting started with Jekyll and Netlify.

Content management
solutions for Jekyll

Prefer a more visual writing/editing experience rather than committing code directly, or want to hand off a website to a client? That's where these CMS services for Jekyll step in.

These services will also host your website, so if you want to provide a nice editing interface then this is the best route to go down for hosting too.

My personal recommendation? CloudCannon.

I've been using it for years – on my own projects as well as large client jobs – and it just keeps getting better. They handle all the hosting setup stuff so I can focus on what I'm best at, and the editing interface is perfect for clients.

Contact forms
for static websites

One thing that's missing natively from static site generators by their very nature is the ability to send messages via a contact form, which is pretty important for a lot of websites.

Thankfully lots of services have stepped in to fill this gap – all offering slightly different things but in a very similar way... it seems contact forms are the new to-do app 😉



Formspree is my go-to contact form solution - I've used it personally and recommended it to clients time and again.

I built support for it into all my Jekyll themes. I've found it to be really easy to work with, and super reliable – something you can 'set and forget' and trust that it's doing the job.

They have a range of sensible plans (including a free one) offering different levels of features to fit your needs.

Other solutions worth checking out:

Add e-commerce features
to your Jekyll website

Want to sell products via your Jekyll website? You're going to need a way to embed products and handle payments. There's a thriving ecosystem of e-commerce services that'll help you do this – these are my favorites...

The one that's right for you will depend on what you're selling and how complex the features you need are.

Selling digital products? Try SendOwl

SendOwl handles the shopping cart and digital delivery right here on Jekyll Themes. They have a bunch of great features to help stay organized and market your products, and recently had a fresh new design making it even nicer to use.

Physical products? Shopify is the best

Shopify has the flexibility to sell any kind of product, keep track of stock and integrate with other services for fulfillment. And it's super easy to embed the products and cart on any static site.

Documentation, tutorials
and support for using Jekyll

New to Jekyll? Here are a bunch of great resources to help you learn the basics, as well as developing more advanced Jekyll knowledge...

Jekyll Docs

Jekyll Docs

The official documentation for Jekyll. A comprehensive guide to Jekyll on the official site. It covers topics such as getting your site up and running, creating and managing content, customizing your build, and deploying.

Learn Jekyll

Learn Jekyll

A super-thorough guide to help you learn Jekyll and CloudCannon. This resource covers everything from setting up your local environment, running Jekyll, and creating advanced features for your website.

Jekyll Cheat Sheet

Jekyll Cheat Sheet

There’s so many Jekyll variables and filters to remember it can be tricky to keep it all in your head. This cheat sheet serves as a quick reference of everything Jekyll can do.

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