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Coevolution between plant and microbe



We are interested in the molecular mechanism of plant-microbe interaction. Focusing on plant and fungi interaction, we are interested in understanding the molecular dialogue between plants and fungal pathogens, mechanisms of plant immune genes conferring resistance to pathogens, as well as molecular details underlying plant-endophytic fungi interaction. We will employ a variety of approaches including molecular genetics, biochemistry, functional genomics, and cell biology to investigate co-evolution between plants and microbes.

The lab will be situated at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2021. The lab is new, and we are always eager to hear from enthusiastic researchers from any related backgrounds interested in joining the lab.

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Latest news

CHM Invited commentary!

Lei was invited to write a commentary in Cell Host Microbe to look back on his journey studying plant immunity and propose the perspectives for future research
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Annu Annual Review online!

One Hundred Years of Hybrid Necrosis: Hybrid Autoimmunity as a Window into the Mechanisms and Evolution of Plant–Pathogen Interactions
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hiring We are hiring!

The lab is recruiting! Please write email if interested!
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zhuangzhi Weclome!

Dr. Zhuangzhi Zhou joined the lab as Research Assistant.
Welcome, Zhuangzhi!

bupage1 Protocol paper published!

We wrote a protocol for studying protein oligomerization in plants.
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rpp7 RPW8 RPP7 NLR complex paper published in Cell Host Microbe

Preprint paper about Atypical Resistance Protein RPW8/HR Triggers Oligomerization of the NLR Immune Receptor RPP7 and Autoimmunity now is published in Cell Host Microbe.