Lei Li



Lei Li

Principal Investigator, starting 2021

Email: leili@genetics.ac.cn

Lei got his BS in biotechnology at Northwest A&F University. As a graduate student, he obtained his PhD working on plant immune pattern recognition receptor complex and virulence function of pathogen effectors at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology in the laboratory of Prof. Jian-Min Zhou. Then, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology as a postdoc working with Prof. Detlef Weigel on the mechanism of plant hybrid necrosis.

Selected papers

Li, L., Habring, A., Wang, K., Weigel, D. (2020). Oligomerization of NLR immune receptor RPP7 triggered by atypical resistance protein RPW8/HR. Cell Host Microbe 27, 405-417.

Pramoj, P., Lundberg, D., Weigel, D., Li, L.#, (2020). Blue native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (BN‐PAGE) for the analysis of protein oligomers in plants. Current Protocol in Plant Biology 5, e20107. doi: 10.1002/cppb.20107.

Li, L.*,#, Kim, P. , Yu, L., Cai, G., Chen, S., Alfano, J.R. and Zhou, J.M.# (2016) Activation-dependent destruction of a co-receptor by a pseudomonas syringae effector dampens plant immunity. Cell Host Microbe 20, 504-514.

Li, L., Yu, Y., Zhou, Z., and Zhou, J.M. (2016). Plant pattern-recognition receptors controlling innate immunity. Science China Life Sciences 59,878-888.

Li, L.*, Li, M.*, Yu, L., Zhou, Z., Liang, X., Liu, Z., Cai, G., Gao, L., Zhang, X., Wang, Y., Chen, S., and Zhou, J.M. (2014). The FLS2-associated kinase BIK1 directly phosphorylates the NADPH oxidase RbohD to control plant immunity. Cell Host Microbe 15, 329-338.

Sun, Y.*, Li, L.*, Macho, A.P., Han, Z., Hu, Z., Zipfel, C., Zhou, J.M., and Chai, J. (2013). Structural basis for flg22-induced activation of the Arabidopsis FLS2-BAK1 immune complex. Science 342, 624-628 .